Leaders We Need

It’s been a busy few months and while the blog has taken a back seat to business, there is one thing I always manage to squeeze into the day. Reading for 30 to 40 minutes every morning – something that ‘nurishes the brain and educates the mind’ as Brian Tracy would say.

I’m currently reading THE LEADERS WE NEED And What Makes Us Follow, by Michael Maccobey.  If you read the previous posts on Strategic Leadership, you already know I’m a Maccobey fan, and I’ll probably share ideas from the book later. After only 50 pages, I’m already using some insights and testing others in my work. 

Yet my purpose today is to share a couple of links.

The first does tie in with Maccobey’s earlier work on narcissistic personalities and how they affect organizations. Positively and negatively. Seems to me we could all benefit from being better at recognizing behavioural clues signaling sociopathic tendencies. Especially in our leaders. And they are clear.

Does your boss fit the profile? Check out the Quiz and the disclaimer, then take a look at this Fast Company  article from December 2007. You may find yourself skipping quickly over the first three pages, but stop half way down page four and take a minute to really read.  Enough said.