A Good News Story – Dophin Rescues Whales

In case you missed it …
Here’s a link to a March 13 event – Dolphin rescues beached whales. A wonderful example of inter-species empathy and cooperation. It flashed by in the news and I would have missed it but for a friend.  Seems to me, positive news is in short supply, so I thought I’d share. Do you have a story of empathy and cooperation?   

In a similar vain
The same friend mentioned his all time favorite movie, A Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy (somehow I missed that too!) About dolphins and other animals sent to teach us … many things. I’ll probably have more to say after I catch the movie and book.  Stay tuned.


One thought on “A Good News Story – Dophin Rescues Whales”

  1. Yes, yes, do catch the Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe. The movie is good, but the book is so many times better. I have read the book (OK, the series of five books, because the series gets better as you read on) a few times. And the movie I have seen several time in English and several time in Spanish, as well as the original BBC series (in English, of course). This summer, one of my vacation projects will be to read the series in Spanish, although I am having a hard time finding the books!

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