This blog is written by Wauneen McMonagle of Innergize Training, Coaching and Consulting.

It’s purpose is to support Innergize clients and anyone with an interest in neuro-linguistics, accelerated learning and other resources we can all use to make a difference, at work and at home.

Over time we’ll offer thoughts, suggestions and stories on selling ideas, coaching, team building, improving job fit, influencing motivation, marketing to the unconscious, using neuro-linguistics (NLP) and hopefully, many topics I haven’t yet thought of, but readers will suggest.

Use the comments to add your own questions, success stories, favorite books and suggestions.

Finally and because the blog has been neglected over the past few years, here is a quick terminology update: many posts feature perceptual filters which today could be called very context specific behavioural biases. When you think of the many behavioural biases that economists speak about,  it can be tempting to throw up your hands and say TMI – too much information!

Yet the field of neuro-linguistics has been working with a small number of these biases/filters so that they can easily be identified in specific contexts (situations and times) and used to increase motivation, or lower stress and improve productivity and team work.  So do watch for these posts.

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